Milan will always be Milan
At Point we have known for over 50 years that Milan is our best international shop window.  As well as being a place to show off our new products, it is a meeting point to get together with you, discuss, talk and meet.  Our stand in Milan is like our second home in Italy and our goal is to make you feel welcome and loved there. 

We return from the fair confident that we were fully able to express our excitement at meeting up with you.  They were highly productive days in which we were able to strengthen our bonds and ties. 

Days over which we were able to express to you in person the care and attention that we give each and every one of our pieces. They are simply tools to enjoy the fresh air, family, the joy of being alive, and getting in touch with nature.  

Rattan, teak, upholstery, and rope are still an international trend in which our work can be seen.  Our designers, who fully know and understand the philosophy of this company, continue to create new products which are able to instil design in our lives through their functionality, beauty, and the materials we use to produce them.

The Paralel collection from Gabriel Teixidó stole the show at an architectural stand of clear, Mediterranean tones, bursting with design, and designed by Francesc Rifé.

The Paralel sofa and chair collection from Gabriel Teixidó takes its name from its own shape.   A teak structure of long parallel arms which evenly and elegantly holds the backrest and seat of the piece.  Their design is intended to be beautiful from both the front and the back, where this piece takes on its true spirit.

Fup, the new creation from Frances Rifé is a collection of pouffes which, drawing on the simplicity of the circle and the balance of the material, follow the geometric principle of his vision. A voluminous upholstered body contrasts with a narrow, durable, high quality, teak base.

Weave, one of our most award-winning and best-received collections, designed by Vincent Martinez, looks utterly majestic in its different modules.  Woven fibre by fibre, Weave brings to mind the tradition of rope wrapping, sealing, and weaving of structures which gave rise to Point a century ago. 

Sturdy furniture designed for the outdoors and able to make us feel like we’re on an endless holiday, whether we’re in our own garden or further afield.