Autumn in the Open Air

Autumn in the Open Air
With the arrival of autumn, the greens are mottled with shades of gold and ochre. The first drizzles fall and fine curtains of mist endow the landscape with a magical halo.

It is a good time to discover new scents, textures and shapes.

POINT recommends the Natural Park of Fuentes del Narcea and Ibias to enjoy this ephemeral spectacle in the open air.

This area, located in the Principality of Asturias (Spain), was declared a Nature Reserve in 2002. It is located within the territories of the municipalities of Cangas del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias.

The park takes its name from the Narcea and Ibias rivers. It covers a total area of 47,589 ha and encompasses the totality of the upper courses of these two rivers. It includes the Narcea river and its tributaries from its source in Collado Alto to the Rengos area. The tributaries of the Narcea which are included in this area are the rivers Carabales, Junquera, Cibea, Naviego and Gillon on the right bank and the rivers Coto and Muniellos on the left bank.

The sweepingly beautiful forests of the area are composed of oak and beech trees that coexist with other species such as birch, chestnut and poplar. Special mention should be made of the Muniellos ranunculus, a local endemic species.

In this remote paradise we can also find: brown bears, grouse, chamois, foxes, wolves, otters, and beech martens… which, together with the great ornithological richness of the park, make it the perfect destination for animal lovers.

In the Natural Park of Fuentes del Narcea and Ibias there are many tracks and trails to venture into its thick vegetation. Marked itineraries lead the visitor to places of interest such as the Muniellos forest, the Cueto de Arbás, the Miravalles peak or the lagoons.

In this natural reserve, we can also savour the gastronomic delicacies of the region since there are many restaurants which offer typical local dishes in this incomparable setting.

This is, undoubtedly, an irresistible place to get away from it all in the next few months.
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