Shopping guide

Buying one of our products on the website is an easy and simple process, where you only have to take into account the following steps to ensure a safe and private purchase. We currently only sell to individuals in Spain. We are working to reach all parts of the world, so that you can enjoy and relax with each and every one of our pieces. 

1. Access as a registered user.

In order to make a purchase you must be registered on our system. You can register at the start or end of the purchasing process. It is important to register your details so that we can have the necessary information about the order, delivery address, billing address and contact details. You will need to log in as a user and choose a password that you can change if you forget or lose it. 

2. Selecting the products 

In the Products section you will find all the information on each product, and you can also view their main characteristics in detail. Add the Products you want to the shopping cart and repeat the process as many times as you wish. Once you have finished your selection, you can go to Complete the Purchase, to continue the process. 

3. Delivery details 

At this stage you must complete the necessary information to specify the delivery address. It is possible to choose your own or another address, if it is a gift. 

4. Selecting the payment method 

In the next step you need to confirm the payment method with the most suitable option for you.  Depending on the method selected, you must complete the required fields in order to be able to process the order securely and with the maximum guarantees for your payment. It is possible to ‘Request Invoice’, in which case you will be able to provide your fiscal information and choose your invoice as a hard copy or in electronic format. 

5. Place your order 

In order to complete the order and make the payment you must follow these instructions: 

1. Click on the button ‘Shopping Cart’ at the top of the page.

2. Check all the details of your shopping: products, measurements, quantities, delivery address, total amount, etc. Please carefully check that all the information is correct and, if there is any error, update the corresponding information.

3. Enter the necessary details to make the payment: your credit/debit card details,wire transfer, PayPal or Sequra account, a payment system where you can pay in installments of 3, 6 and 12 months up to an amount of 4000 euros. For this, you would have to enter the credit card when completing the purchase and select this payment method. If the product is more than €4,000 the difference will be charged in cash and the rest will be financed according to the selected terms.

4. Read and click the box “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions”.

5. Click on the button “Place Order” to complete the purchasing process.

6. Once the order is complete, you will receive an email with its details (“Order Confirmation”).If once an order has been placed, it contains an error, please immediately communicate it to our email address